about bbvh

   Baring Boulevard Veterinary Hospital
has been serving Sparks since 1978.
Our mission is to make life better for pets and their families.
We have 5 full-time and 5 part-time veterinarians to ensure your pet always has the benefit of a second opinion. All together, the doctors have over 150 years of combined experience! The doctors have developed areas of special interest to stay on the cutting edge of veterinary medicine and technology

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  1. Lloyd Wood

    Dear Santa:

    There are five of us greybies, me (Lloyd), Miles, Ernie, Bert & Truman and the only thing that we want for Christmas is for all homeless animals to find their forever homes; and for the abuse against animals to stop. Of course, you know cats can’t type, so we are having our Mom type this for us. We want nothing more than for each animal to be loved as much as we are, and to be warm and protected. We would love for each animal to feel the love from a human guardian and realize what an amazing feeling it is. We have enough toys Santa. Mom is always loading our toy baskets up with new toys each time she goes shopping for us. We wake up each morning to bowls of food, go to sleep in a warm bed (yes, we mean Mom’s bed) and we get tons of kisses and hugs each day. Our dream Santa and our Christmas wish is for all of the shelters to have empty cages and for no animal to suffer at the hands of a human’s abuse. Mom said that this year, we will again be donating food and toys to those at the NVHS with the hopes that some of the animals who aren’t as fortunate as us, can feel just a bit of love over Christmas. Thanks for reading this Santa and when you fly over Nevada, please can you find it in your heart to sprinkle some pixie dust over the homeless and abused to keep them safe from harm? Love the Wood Greybie boys.

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